• PHON.O

  • Answer Code Request

  • Dorian Concept

  • Luca Forcucci

  • Cover

  • Monoblock B

  • Hommage à Bernard Parmegiani

  • Sigmasix

  • Gertrude Tuning

  • VJ Daniela



  • Jimmy Edgar

  • Max Cooper

  • Darkstar

  • Daedelus

  • Bernard Szajner & Almeeva : Evolution

  • Christian Zanési

  • Pierre Thoma

  • Disco Channel

  • Camille De Dieu

  • Jocelyn de la Providence






Please note that the capacity of the venues is limited


E-mail :



Points of sale:

Genève: Sounds Records – 8 avenue du Mail – 022 328 14 11
Lausanne: Disc à Brac – 2 rue de l’Ale – 021 323 23 51

Prices in CHF (Pre-sale / On-site)

1-day pass BFM & Zoo (per night): 42.- / 50.-
Bâtiment des Forces Motrices (per night): 25.-/ 30.-
Zoo (per night): 22.- / 25.-
Weekend pass (all venues): 79.- (only in pre-sale)
Grütli performance: free entrance

How to get to the festival

From the airport, various options allow you to reach the city center: bus (approx. 20 min), train (approx. 5 min) or taxi (approx. 15 min).
The heart of the festival (Forces Motrices Building and the Zoo) is a 10 min walk from the Cornavin train station or a 2 min ride by public transportation:
Stop “Stand” or “Palladium”
The Grütli Theater is a 5 min walk from the BFM and the Zoo.
Stop “Cirque” or “Place de Neuve”.
A night bus service also provides transportation in many municipalities from midnight to 5AM every Friday and Saturday night:


Like its Paris counterpart and precursor Présences électroniques, the Geneva version, better known now as PEG, is based on two essential fundamental principles: it offers exceptional listening conditions and sound experiences, modelled on a unique multicast system, the Acousmonium, and it highlights through its choice of original programming the relationships between the different generations of technology-using musicians, reminding the audience the tremendous continuity between Pierre Schaeffer’s experiences in the late 40’s and current musical practices. Without the first one, there would be no others…


Some may still wonder what may augur the «acousmonium». It’s a remarkable multicast system, consisting of a cluster of speakers, reproducing sound spatially, as would a real orchestra. Carefully placed in the room, each of the sound projectors is thus positioned and selected according to its proper sound colour. Therefore it’s up to the musician to appropriate the “beast”, with the complicity of the sound engineer, and to exploit the intrinsic qualities of each acoustic speaker. The listener will have simply the pleasure, again and again, to identify the sound source or to let himself be submerged by the thus sublimated expressiveness of the work.

This year, for the first time, it’s in the prestigious Bâtiment des Forces Motrices that the Acousmonium will be installed. A unique venue deserves an exceptional programming, since the increased size of the venue makes it possible to elevate the ambitions of the artistic programming. We will have the pleasure of welcoming, as headliners of the fourth edition, the brilliant multifaceted producer Matthew Herbert, the techno making instrumentalists Brandt Brauer Frick, the iconic duo of the Warp stable Plaid, and the techno wonder boy Max Cooper. Given the exemplary and adventurous careers of these artists, we know how lucky and privileged we are to watch them submitting one of their sound partitions, moreover completely novel, to the requirements of the Acousmonium.

Such an event cannot be organised without putting into perspective a certain artistic filiation, common to an entire generation of electronic composers. The occasion was thus found, one year later to the day of his death, to pay tribute to one of the pioneers of electroacoustic music, who has influenced a plethora of contemporary artists, marking forever the history of electronic music. A short film recounting his work and career will be shown at the opening of the festival at the BFM, giving this new edition a kick-off rich with symbolism.

The Geneva version, however, differs from the parent festival in the fact that it goes even a step further in the concept of stylistic and generational gap, by exporting the notion of multicasting to clubbing. For the late-night sessions the audience will be invited to join the Zoo’s dance floor, equipped for the event with a quadraphonic sound system, reproducing the music and its sound effects with a heightened sense of space. Here, even if the task of the artists will be to make people dance, our choice has been focused on producers and DJ who have the habit of breaking down the sound material to create new musical perspectives. To electrify the night, we can count on iconic figures of the national and international scene, such as the spearhead of the new techno/house generation, the prolific Jimmy Edgar, Answer Code Request, the Berlin protégé of Marcel Dettmann, and the adventurous Phon.o.

Finally, if the heart of the festival this year tightened its precinct around the Place des Volontaires, Présences Electroniques Genève nevertheless extends its domain by occupying for the first time the Théâtre du Grütli. Its Grande Salle will host one of the most amazing performances of the Décosterd brothers, André and Michel, who will present their new project, Nyloïd. A way to start, live through and end the festival, feet rooted in technology, an even more exciting technology in that it serves the most creative art possible.

PEG organizing team :

Emmanuelle Dorsaz : Festival Manager
Jérôme Soudan : Booking & Artistic Direction
Michael Haas : Production & Ticket Sales
Danièle McClellan : Head of Communication & Media Relations
Thierry Namer : PR & Promotion Manager
Sandra Ferrara & Caroline Tanquerel : Administration
Olivia Cavadini : Accounting
Laurence Cervantes: Production Assistant
Pablo Jimenez : Communication Assistant
Soraya Berent : Accounting Assistant
Xenia Zonnevijlle : Translation
Jeff Gaudinet : Graphic Designer
Raphaël Arbuz : Web Development

Organizing comittee Zoo

Florence Halazy : Booking
Anaïs Couvreux & Adrien Pitte : Administration 
Yordan Osweiller : Communication
Adrien Boulanger : VJ Booking
Julie Carton : Logistics
Alexander Ferreira : Technician
Felix Michel : Technician
Aline Robert : Production Assistant


Chrisitan Zanési : Concept & Artistic Direction
Philippe Dao : Production Manager
François Bonnet : Booking Assistant & Sound Engineer
Emmanuel Richier : Sound Enginee
Marie-Josiane Rouchon : Head of Communication

Comité Headfun

Laurent Finck : President
Sergio Garcia : Treasurer
Delphine Dorsaz : Secretery

Comité Les Arts Minis

Anny Serrati : President
Delphine Dorsaz : Treasurer
Marcelle Braegger : Secretary